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Kevin McManus

Data Science

Kevin McManusAfter completing a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Math, Kevin worked as an econometrician for a Boston-area consulting firm, modeling steel industry demand, supply and cost. This work led to software engineering assignments focused on econometric applications.  After 25 years at Hewlett-Packard in various software engineering roles, Kevin retired to get in touch with his inner econometrician and pursue more quantitative endeavors.

Upon retirement, Kevin took on several data-intensive consulting engagements. These included business intelligence applications using SQL Server and PowerBI addressing project management, resource allocation and cost reporting.  He completed Coursera’s Data Science Certification (in R) and Andrew Ng’s Neural Network Certification (in Python).

In his most recent work, Kevin prototyped a product recommender web service for an industrial supplier, applied the Google Object Detection Framework to extracting radar reflections from ionosphere images. Currently as an Astronomy researcher at CU/Boulder, Kevin is applying machine learning techniques to the Gaia astronomical catalog to identify members of star clusters.