Technology and careers in frontend web development in the Colorado talent pipeline

Colorado Pipleine Report - Job To Do ListThis is a critical time in Northern Colorado’s workforce history. As the State experiences record growth in population, innovation, and small business, the high-demand skills that are essential to the economy’s growth are lagging behind. Too many companies in Northern Colorado are actively looking to hire, but forced to search outside of this region to recruit the talent needed in today’s emerging industries.

The major goals of the Colorado Pipeline Report and The Colorado Workforce Development Council are to grow talent in state and create opportunities to retain that talent.  However, the 2016 Colorado Talent Pipeline Report concluded that we risk not having enough educated and trained Coloradans ready for productive employment in our growing economy.

Technology jobs in Colorado

Technology jobs represent 27% of the “Top Tier 1 Projected Job Openings” in the state (see graphic below), the highest represented in the Talent Pipeline report. The report includes IT positions on the list of the state’s Top Jobs. Job openings for software developers are expected to grow 34.9% between 2014-2024, while jobs for web developers will grow 38%. Furthermore, the report lists IT skills in the top 15 skill clusters that determine “lift” (skills that contribute to career advancement), and concludes that we are not generating enough of these skills that are highly sought after by employers.

Tier Top Job Openings - Colorado Pipeline Report

Certificate programs lead to new careers at Digital Workshop Center

As DWC continues to evolve its programs and classes, it is positioned to become one of the region’s leaders in occupational training, specifically for growing career fields such as web design, graphic design, digital marketing, and business administration.

DWC’s classes positively impact the economy in Northern Colorado by training unemployed or dislocated workers to become more talented job applicants. With a better-trained workforce, Northern Colorado businesses will be able to fill more job openings with local candidates. Reducing the skills gap of our local workforce is a priority embraced by DWC and is a key component of the City of Fort Collins Economic Health strategic plan.

Job Openings in Colorado - Colorado Talent Pipeline

Post-secondary education or occupational training helps those looking to advance in their current careers. Those earning minimum wage are able to find higher wages and align themselves with opportunities for upward mobility. Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners can get the skills they need to grow their businesses and drive more economic growth to the region.

With classes in Fort Collins, Denver, and online, Digital Workshop Center is here to help to grow and retain the talent pool in Colorado.

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