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Basic Digital Literacy Classes

Introductory classes teach you essential basic digital literacy

Basic Digital Literacy ClassesTo get ahead in today’s job market, basic digital literacy classes at DWC will help you get started in the right direction.

Not everyone grew up on a computer. We know that computers can be very frustrating at times and we are here to help. If you feel that you are lost on your computer, a beginner to your new device, or just need to learn the right ways to get started with technology, then we can help.

Basic Digital Literacy Classes

  • Start Date

    Business Soft Skills

    4 sessions, 9AM-12:30PM MT
    Learn essential Business Soft Skills including business writing & management
    Session information
    BSS - Session 1
    Tue, Nov 08 09:00 am MST - Tue, Nov 08 12:30 pm MST
    BSS - Session 2
    Wed, Nov 09 09:00 am MST - Wed, Nov 09 12:30 pm MST
    BSS - Session 3
    Mon, Nov 14 09:00 am MST - Mon, Nov 14 12:30 pm MST
    BSS - Session 4
    Thu, Nov 17 09:00 am MST - Thu, Nov 17 12:30 pm MST
    • $485.00 excl.
  • Start Date

    Google Workspace Beginners

    1 session, Tue 9AM-12PM
    Google Apps Beginners classes to enhance your productivity
    Session information
    GWB - Session 1
    Tue, Nov 22 09:00 am MST - Tue, Nov 22 12:00 pm MST
    • $249.00 excl.

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Basic Digital Literacy Classes Overview

Setting up your digital literacy classes is quick and easy. We will work with you to maximize your training time, and ensure that you leave our classes with confidence. Our expert instructors can accommodate any level of computer knowledge.

Upon completion of any of our basic digital literacy classes, you will feel confident using your computer or device. All of our hands-on beginners classes include class materials and one month of technical support.

Computer basics classes are taught in a live format.  You will get your questions answered in real-time by a live instructor.  Available streaming online to anywhere.

Talk to a student advisor

DWC offers individual training plans for employment including custom stand-alone classes, certificate programs & bootcamps.  Our programs are focused on job skills, and career coaching is included in all full length programs.

As an occupational school, we often work with vocational programs across the U.S. including Workforce Centers, Vocational Rehabilitation, and Veterans education benefits.

If you are not sure which program is right, you can talk to a student advisor for free.

Alumni Spotlight

The basic digital literacy classes at Digital Workshop set a great foundation for me to continue to build my skills in this area. Instructor was fantastic at setting a practical pace for students in the room. I had a really good experience and highly recommend this class.
Google Reviews

Andrea Karapas

Retail Manager

Inside Our Curriculum

Online Tech Skills Classes

Focus on Real-World Skills

Each of our stand-alone classes is designed to teach how to improve your skills in a real-world setting.  DWC's experiential learning style ensures you will be guided by an expert instructor will performing all of the tasks to help you learn.

The challenges you face in class will mimic what you will need to land a job and improve your daily productivity.

Basic Digital Literacy Classes - Support and Mentoring

Support & Mentoring

All Basic Digital Literacy classes are offered in an accelerated workshop format.

Your instructor will provide hands-on, experiential style classroom learning for you to learn best practices of applying tech skills in the real-world.

Each class may be eligible credit towards a certification program, which includes career counseling and portfolio projects.

Flexible scheduling options allow you to choose what works best for your time.

Why Digital Workshop Center?

Business Administration Certificate Fort Collins


of program graduates last year from unemployed to employed.

Business Administration Certificate Fort Collins


months avg to find employment after graduation

Business Administration Certificate Fort Collins


average increase in salary of certificate program students

Business Administration Certificate Fort Collins


career counseling and mentoring services included
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Based on 95 reviews

Always Live | Hands-On | Small Class Sizes | Expert Instructors | Streaming Online

*program statistics compiled from DWC enrollment report (2019-2021)


When can I start?

Classes are offered on a rolling enrollment basis multiple times throughout the year, typically once per trimester.

Who teaches these classes?

All classes are taught by industry professionals with 10+ years experience in their field.  Check the specific class offering to learn more about the assigned instructor for each class.

You may also learn more about our team here.

Are there any pre-requisites?

Each class has specific pre-requisites that you should review before enrollment.

For most classes, you need a minimum of Introduction to Computers skills or equivalent knowledge.

Talk to a student advisor to ensure you have the right pre-requisites for each class or program.

What format are these classes?

Stand-alone classes at DWC are focused skills workshops that teach in a specific area of a high demand career field. 

Often described as a "short course" format, these accelerated workshops can be attended as stand-alone or can be taken as part of a larger certificate program.

Certificate programs offer more comprehensive training to help lead you to empoyment, support & mentoring, portfolio building, and career coaching.

To find out more about DWC's style of training, talk to a student advisor today.

What if the listed schedule doesn't work for me?

Click to request more information on a private class or contact us to discuss your training options.

What's included?

Stand-Alone Classes

Every stand-alone class at DWC includes support and mentoring throughout.

Stand-alone classes within your program also include:

  • Professional Textbook(s) or Reference Packet(s)
  • Lesson files
  • One year for a free re-take (for attended students of public classes only)
  • 30 days of technical support
  • Certificate of Completion

Certificate Programs & Bootcamps

Each Certificate Program & Bootcamp is comprised of several stand-alone classes, plus additional training specific to your career field, portfolio building with a comprehensive Capstone Project, and career coaching workshops.

Support and mentoring a huge part of all of our full length programs.

Talk to a student advisor to learn more about specific details on each class or program.

What career services or internships do you offer?

For full length programs, support and mentoring is included and you will be eligible to work one-on-one with a career counselor.

Workshops for job search and resume writing are included in the cost of your program.  Our expert career advisors will help you prepare for the next steps of your career path.  Your success is our success.

Click here to learn more about career counseling

DWC partners with Parker-Dewey to offer micro-internships to our students.  These project-based internships are a great way for students to build real-world experience.  Learn more

Talk to a student advisor to discuss career coaching & internship options today.

Payment & financial aid options

DWC offers several flexible financial aid options to help you finance your education.  None of our financial aid tools will require a federal student loan or add severe interest penalties.

If you are interested in scholarship opportunities, speak with a student advisor and discsuss eligibility requirements.

Or learn more about flexible payment plan options that fit your monthly budget.

Click here to learn more about financial aid options and get started.

Terms & conditions

Please read our Terms and Conditions before you register.

Still curious?

If you have more questions, view the full FAQ page or contact us today.

Upcoming Basic Digital Literacy Classes

  • Start Date

    Advanced Digital Marketing

    6 sessions, Tue/Thu 5-8:30PM MT
    A deep dive into marketing acquisition best practices, customer engagement, retention, and planning.
    Session information
    ADM - Session 1
    Tue, Oct 11 05:00 pm MDT - Tue, Oct 11 08:30 pm MDT
    ADM - Session 2
    Thu, Oct 13 05:00 pm MDT - Thu, Oct 13 08:30 pm MDT
    ADM - Session 3
    Tue, Oct 18 05:00 pm MDT - Tue, Oct 18 08:30 pm MDT
    ADM - Session 4
    Thu, Oct 20 05:00 pm MDT - Thu, Oct 20 08:30 pm MDT
    ADM - Session 5
    Tue, Oct 25 05:00 pm MDT - Tue, Oct 25 08:30 pm MDT
    ADM - Session 6
    Thu, Oct 27 05:00 pm MDT - Thu, Oct 27 08:30 pm MDT
    • $1,345.00 excl.
  • Start Date

    Search Engine Optimization Beginners

    2 sessions, Tue/Thu 5-8PM MT
    Increase traffic to your website and grow your business with SEO Beginners
    Session information
    SEO - Session 1
    Tue, Nov 29 05:00 pm MST - Tue, Nov 29 08:00 pm MST
    SEO - Session 2
    Thu, Dec 01 05:00 pm MST - Thu, Dec 01 08:00 pm MST
    • $279.00 excl.
  • Start Date

    Google Analytics Beginners

    2 sessions, Mon/Wed 5-8PM MT
    Understand your web traffic in a Google Analytics Beginners Class
    Session information
    GAB - Session 1
    Mon, Dec 05 05:00 pm MST - Mon, Dec 05 08:00 pm MST
    GAB - Session 2
    Wed, Dec 07 05:00 pm MST - Wed, Dec 07 08:00 pm MST
    • $279.00 excl.
  • Start Date

    Video Marketing Strategy

    4 sessions, Tue/Thu 5-8:30PM MT
    Learn how to prepare video marketing strategies to grow your video skills
    Session information
    VMS - Session 1
    Tue, Dec 27 05:00 pm MST - Tue, Dec 27 08:30 pm MST
    VMS - Session 2
    Thu, Dec 29 05:00 pm MST - Thu, Dec 29 08:30 pm MST
    VMS - Session 3
    Tue, Jan 03 05:00 pm MST - Tue, Jan 03 08:30 pm MST
    VMS - Session 4
    Thu, Jan 05 05:00 pm MST - Thu, Jan 05 08:30 pm MST
    • $895.00 excl.