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Alumni Spotlight – Kelley Buster

Alumni Spotlight – Kelley Buster Alumni Spotlight – Kelly Buster Of the nearly 10,000 students we have served in the past years, we are always thrilled to hear about our student’s success stories after they have completed courses, bootcamps, or certificate programs here at DWC. In this Alumni Spotlight, we will share the story of Kelly Buster who went from military to working in risk management and now, after taking a variety of courses at DWC, owns a professional real-estate photography business. Our student’s success...

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Frontend Web Development Bootcamp

Frontend Web Development Bootcamp Reasons to Consider a Frontend Web Development Bootcamp Any successful web designer will tell you, Frontend Web Development skills are key for anyone hoping to land a career in the field. Frontend web development refers to the work and design related to what website users will see when they visit any webpage on the Internet. The ability to create engaging, functional, and memorable user-experiences on a site are what keep visitors around and help brands get more conversions – sales, contacts,...

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Four Ways to Leverage Google Analytics Goals

Four Ways to Leverage Google Analytics Goals SEO (search engine optimization) work is complicated and often scary for people unfamiliar with the ins and outs of the technical and creative elements that make up this marketing strategy. The good news is this: there are many resources and tool to help you succeed and make your website more optimized to better rank among search results. One of the best free tools available to you is the customizable Google Analytics goals within your Analytics platform. You can create custom goals that help...

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Additional Resources for SEO Classes

Additional Resources for SEO Classes Resources for SEO Classes Provided by Carmelo Mannino of DWC HARO – a tool to get daily emails with reporters looking for sources Keyword Planner – starting place for keyword research. Accessed through Adwords. Google Trends – Shows search trends across Google Google Speed test/ Page Speed Insights– Test the speed of your website. Need to do each of your major pages. Google Mobile Friendly Test– Test how responsive your site is. Google Mobile speed test– How fast does your...

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5 Lucrative Skills You Can Learn Quickly

5 Lucrative Skills You Can Learn Quickly One of the best things about living and working in the digital era is you can quickly learn new skills to land a new career or pick up extra work on the side to make extra money. To land a good gig, you don’t have to spend years in college, but rather you can pick up a highly valuable skill in as little as 6-9 months. Not only is learning a new skill a good way to keep your mind sharp, it’s also a good way to make a living. Check out these lucrative skills you can learn quickly: Photography –...

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