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Resources & Blog: Photography

5 Lucrative Skills You Can Learn Quickly

5 Lucrative Skills You Can Learn Quickly Learn About 5 Lucrative Skills You Can Learn Quickly One of the best things about living and working in the digital era is you can quickly learn new skills to land a new career or pick up extra work on the side to make extra money. To land a good gig, you don’t have to spend years in college, but rather you can pick up a highly valuable skill in as little as 6-9 months. Not only is learning a new skill a good way to keep your mind sharp, it’s also a good way to make a living. Check out these...

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Tips for Using Your Camera for Fun

Tips for Using Your Camera for Fun Improve your digital photography skills and use your camera for fun Life comes at us fast, so documenting the big and small events – and everything in between – with photography is a great way to capture life. Even if you’re not a professional photographer, using your camera for fun is a great way to preserve the memories, and you’ll be glad you did someday. In this Digital Workshop Center blog, we’ll give you our best tips for using your camera for fun: Bring your Camera! For starters, no...

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Realtor Photography: Tips for Real Estate Photography

Realtor Photography: Tips for Real Estate Photography Real estate photography, especially for Realtors who are just starting out, can be an expensive piece of the listing process—cutting into your take-home salary. It might be tempting to whip out your phone and take a few shots of the property for free, but we’re here to tell you there’s a better way. By investing in your photography skills and learning a few basics of digital photography for Realtors, you’ll take immensely better photos of the listing and have an easier time getting it sold....

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Intro to Photoshop Levels

Intro to Photoshop Levels Last time we discussed how to read a histogram, and how this ability can help you become a more savvy photographer, both behind the lens and in front of the computer. Now it’s time to take it a step further, and explore how you can use your newfound knowledge to tinker with the Levels tool in Photoshop. Remember, that this map is the key to understanding the range of tonalities in any given image, and that it can be played with to alter your white point, black point, and midrange tones. It may...

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Decoding Your Photo’s Histogram

Decoding Your Photo’s Histogram Photo editing software seems to be getting more and more complicated these days, and sadly, that scares away lots of people who want to use it. I’ve found that understanding the principles and reasoning behind editing tools is tremendously helpful when you’re trying to learn a new software program, and that’s what I’m hoping to accomplish with today’s blog! There are really only a handful of editing tools that you need to get started in Photoshop, and to make a beautiful image. And of the...

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