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Resources & Blog: Search Engine Optimization

Four Ways to Leverage Google Analytics Goals

Four Ways to Leverage Google Analytics Goals SEO (search engine optimization) work is complicated and often scary for people unfamiliar with the ins and outs of the technical and creative elements that make up this marketing strategy. The good news is this: there are many resources and tool to help you succeed and make your website more optimized to better rank among search results. One of the best free tools available to you is the customizable Google Analytics goals within your Analytics platform. You can create custom goals that help...

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Additional Resources for SEO Classes

Additional Resources for SEO Classes Resources for SEO Classes Provided by Carmelo Mannino of DWC HARO – a tool to get daily emails with reporters looking for sources Keyword Planner – starting place for keyword research. Accessed through Adwords. Google Trends – Shows search trends across Google Google Speed test/ Page Speed Insights– Test the speed of your website. Need to do each of your major pages. Google Mobile Friendly Test– Test how responsive your site is. Google Mobile speed test– How fast does your...

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Google AdWords definitions

Google AdWords definitions Getting started with Google AdWords definitions and terms Is it time to finally get seen by search engines and reach that top spot?  If you are starting to play with Google AdWords and how it can help your digital marketing strategy, you should invest the time to learn all of the terms and key points of AdWords before you begin. Google AdWords can reach an amazing number of people.  Consider the following graphic from Thanks to our friends at who...

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Google Search Console – Understanding Crawl Errors

Google Search Console – Understanding Crawl Errors Understanding crawl errors with free webmaster tools to improve web traffic If you’ve taken any SEO classes, you know that the Google Search engine is the most important search tool for users to find your site.  After all, Google searches control 75% of worldwide search requests according to  I tell my students that “Google controls the search game, so you need to learn how to play it.” To learn how you are doing with your ranking in search results, one of...

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Useful Links – SEO, Google Analytics, Email Marketing

Useful Links – SEO, Google Analytics, Email Marketing For Digital Marketing classes at DWC, here are some of our instructors favorite websites you should know about: (SEO) Primarily used for search engine optimization in order to get best practices related to incorporating SEO into other marketing initiatives, such as content marketing, as well as site architecture errors and recommendations. Moz also has a number of premium programs available for purchase that will list out the site errors on your website, internal/external...

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