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The ABCs of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign

Adobe’s Creative Suite (CS) products have been around a long time – the first commercial CS program, Illustrator 88 (logo above), launched in 1986. Technology has come a long way since rat-tails, cassette tapes, and New Kids on the Block were in style. Like the New Kids, Adobe CS has grown with the times. Today, there are over 15 CS programs, offering tools for digital media, print, video, multimedia and more to create anything from basic graphic designs to the avant-garde. Most people use two...

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Community Spotlight – Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro Instructor – Phillip Broste

Adobe visual effects and production expert now teaching at DWC The instructors at Digital Workshop Center have amazingly diverse backgrounds in their respective fields. We look to hire those that have a great blend of technical skills, as well as interpersonal communication and classroom skills.  That balance is not always easy to find. For our Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro classes, we recently hired Phillip Broste as a new instructor.  Phil’s background in visual effects...

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Premiere Pro Can Help Get Your Business on Video

The days of conveying your business’s message with a photo are slowly declining. Today, Internet and television viewers have short attention spans. With so much content available on a variety of devices, the content thrown at us every second is overwhelming. Photos are often ignored as noise. To get your message across more effectively, the photo is being replaced by video. Videos are easier to create than ever before; there are a vast number of ways to share them online, and quality continues...

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