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Resources & Blog: DSLR

Introduction to Long Exposure Photography: Part II

Introduction to Long Exposure Photography: Part II Photography Tutorial: Introduction to Long Exposure Photography: Part II Long exposures enable the photographer to create impressive artistic images with an illusion of time passing and a smoothing effect. Let’s revisit this topic and define the technique for long exposures outdoors. Long Exposure: Part II We introduced the basic equipment, camera settings, and technique of long exposure photography in a previous post. Here is a brief review of the most important points. A long exposure can be...

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How to Photograph Birds in Flight

How to Photograph Birds in Flight Looking to take your bird photography from the beginner to intermediate level? We can help! Photographing birds in flight is very exciting and when you get a great shot you’ll surely say “Wow!” Successfully capturing flying birds requires improving on techniques we introduced in the post Basics of Backyard Bird Photography. We’ll define the intermediate approach with this post and get you all set to step it up a notch with great pictures of birds in flight. Ethics of Wild Bird Photography When...

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Digital Photography: Leading Line

Digital Photography: Leading Line A leading line draws the eyes into a photograph and creates a greater sense of depth for the viewer. Leading lines are an element of landscape composition that create a 3D-like feel to a two-dimensional image. It takes practice to develop an eye for composing with leading lines – this technique is more artistic than, say, working with a camera itself. By introducing this compositional technique, we will give you an artistic and creative tool for your photographer’s toolkit. Lead by Example...

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Basics of Backyard Bird Photography

Basics of Backyard Bird Photography Photography Tutorial: Basics of Backyard Bird Photography By learning to photograph birds, you’ll gain a new perspective on their amazing maneuverability and colorful beauty! Capturing a swooping bird shows how they dart swiftly through the air. Seeing a close-up enlightens the viewer to their colorful feathers. Bird photography is a fun and fast-growing hobby. In this post, we’ll teach you the essentials – bird feeder setup, camera gear, and image editing. Apply what you learn and you’ll...

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Digital Photography: Why Metering Modes Matter

Digital Photography: Why Metering Modes Matter Metering modes matter. As you can see in our image of a catnap, changing the metering configuration makes a big difference in the brightness of a picture. Correctly setting the metering mode will ensure your photographs have the best exposure possible. This is especially important for high-contrast scenes, like the example above. What does metering mean? And what are the different settings? Continue reading and we’ll explain metering and introduce three common modes. Applying these concepts...

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