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Resources & Blog: Adwords

Improve Web Search Rank with Analytics | Digital Workshop Center

Improve Web Search Rank with Analytics | Digital Workshop Center Learn how you can Improve Web Search Rank with Analytics One of the most important investments businesses can make in this day and age is to work to improve your web search rank. Web search rank refers to the ability of your website to be seen by users searching for specific terms, keywords, or services. The higher your website ranks, the more likely users are to see your website and click through to find your offerings. There are many components to improving your rank. These efforts are known...

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Google Ads Resources

Google Ads Resources Useful Google Ads Resources and Links A short list of some of our favorite tools to help you start your digital ad campaigns, including Google Ads (formerly AdWords), the right way and track the progress of them as you grow: Ahrefs- great site for content ideas, keyword research, and to analyze your site and competitors. – SEM Rush- a tool for keyword research. You can see what keywords competitors are chasing. –

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How to Create a Google AdWords Campaign

How to Create a Google AdWords Campaign Getting Started with a Google AdWords Campaign for your business As you search for something on, you’ll notice the first few results to appear are actually ads. Businesses and organizations pay to appear in these top positions to encourage searchers to click through to their website. These companies then pay Google by the click — this form of online advertising is known as a Google AdWords Campaign.   An ever-increasing number of businesses have found Google AdWords Campaigns...

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What is Digital Marketing? Here’s What You Need to Know!

What is Digital Marketing? Here’s What You Need to Know! Start building your digital marketing vocabulary Digital marketing is a relatively new buzzword for both businesses hoping to succeed in the digital world and applicants needing a strong resume in a competitive job market. Digital marketing encompasses much more than just social media and requires an ability to understand real-time analytics to make smart moves in the digital era. Learn more about digital marketing and how a deep understanding of this new frontier can positively affect...

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Google AdWords definitions

Google AdWords definitions Getting started with Google AdWords definitions and terms Is it time to finally get seen by search engines and reach that top spot?  If you are starting to play with Google AdWords and how it can help your digital marketing strategy, you should invest the time to learn all of the terms and key points of AdWords before you begin. Google AdWords can reach an amazing number of people.  Consider the following graphic from Thanks to our friends at who...

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