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Digital Photography

Digital Photography classes for beginners to take beautiful photographs

Why Should I Take a Photography Class?

Digital Photography Classes at Digital Workshop CenterLive digital photography classes with our instructor and local photography expert, Josh Hardin will help you become confident and comfortable using your camera. Beginner or advanced, we have a class for you!

Whether you just bought that new DSLR camera or you are a seasoned user looking to find better ways to use your camera, our classes will help you become more productive and have more fun with your camera.  DWC has classes for all skill levels from beginners to advanced.

You will leave each of DWC’s digital photography classes with the skills and knowledge to capture that perfect picture. All of our hands-on photography classes include: a course reference packet prepared by the DWC, one month of technical support, and one year for a free re-take*.

DWC digital photography classes are taught in a live format.  You will get your questions answered immediately by a live instructor.

What Can I Create?

When you complete any one of our photography classes, you will be able to:

  • Take quality photos with a DSLR or Point and Shoot Camera
  • Work confidently with ISO, f stop, shutter speed, and aperture
  • Choose and use camera equipment for several types of situations
  • Process RAW images in Photoshop
  • Compose and capture photographs in a variety of natural scenes

What Should I Bring to Class?

Students are encouraged to bring their own DSLR camera for hands-on application of the topics covered. Support hardware may also be beneficial but not required.

Every DSLR camera differs slightly in where the settings and controls are located. It is likely that the instructor will not be able to review each individual DSLR camera. If you recently purchased your camera, we recommend you familiarize yourself with the settings and controls before the start of class.

How Do I Get Started?

Click a class title below to view schedules and register.

Questions? Contact us at 970-980-8091.