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Selections and That Darn Lasso Tool

Selections and That Darn Lasso Tool Using the Lasso Tool to remove an image background (before & after) Let’s start with the most basic of all selection tools, The Lasso Tool. This is the most talked about and hated tool in the tool bar. But here are some easy tips to make it a little more easy to use. 1. First, why not make it more helpful in just knowing where the heck it is going to be selecting from. Go to Edit>Preferences>Cursors. There you will find the “Look” of tools. I like to have mine with Painting Cursors set to...

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Decoding Photoshop Selection Tools: Lasso

Decoding Photoshop Selection Tools: Lasso Photoshop Tutorial: Decoding Photoshop Selection Tools: Lasso Last time we looked at one of the more magical selection tools available in Photoshop, and we will continue on our journey this week! When you need to change or move a select portion of your image, there are several tools to choose from, and each has their own unique strengths and weaknesses. For this tutorial, I’d like to explore the Lasso tools (there are three variations) and give some examples of when to use them and when not to...

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Adobe Photoshop Tool Palette Cheat Sheet

Adobe Photoshop Tool Palette Cheat Sheet Ever try to navigate your way through Adobe Photoshop, only to wonder what all the funky little icons mean? Here is a quick cheat sheet of Photoshop’s specific tool palette to help you out. Also, check out our Adobe Creative Suite Tools post to find out what all the other icons do! Edit in Quick Mask Mode It is: A selection tool like no other. What it does: Creates selected areas using any of Photoshop’s painting tools. This can be used in conjunction with other selection tools. What that...

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Intro to WordPress: Why Use it for Your Business?

Intro to WordPress: Why Use it for Your Business? In the digital world, a website is crucial to a successful business. Starting a blog or website can be time-consuming, however – making it important to find software that is easy to learn and use. There are many tools on the market that provide similar results, but WordPress stands out above the rest because it has more features and is fully customizable. It is a great web management platform, and its software and hosting is completely free. What is WordPress? WordPress was originally released...

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