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Resources & Blog: How To Measure Metrics Analytics

Excel and Google Analytics

Excel and Google Analytics Make the Most of Your Data Google Analytics is a web-based website tracking tool that will collect data about your website and its users for a wide variety of events, such as website traffic, referring sources, conversions, and much more. Excel, on the other hand, is a spreadsheet-based program that lets you take data from any given source – including Google Analytics – to quantify and understand your results. When you use Excel and Google Analytics in conjunction with one another, you can...

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Geek Out on Google Analytics

Geek Out on Google Analytics How do you know your website gets the job done? Do you get emails or comments from viewers? Did your mom say it looks great? No disrespect to mom, but without a reporting tool like Google Analytics, measuring the success of a website is dodgy at best. Google Analytics offers free reporting and metric tools for just about any website. Reviewing metrics on a weekly or monthly basis informs you as to how much traffic you’re getting and where traffic comes from. Properly analyzing website metrics...

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