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Photoshop Tutorials: How to Crop an Image in Photoshop

Photoshop Tutorials: How to Crop an Image in Photoshop The beauty of photo-editing software like Photoshop is you don’t have to take the perfect photo every time. In fact, there are numerous functions you can take advantage of to edit your photo after the fact to make it perfect. One of the easiest but most effective ways you can improve an image is by cropping it. Maybe there’s something in the background you don’t want viewers to see, or you need to zoom in on the main focus of the image. Either way, in this next Photoshop tutorials blog, we’ll...

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Cooking Up Basic Photoshop Designs

Cooking Up Basic Photoshop Designs It will take some time, patience and practice to master Adobe Photoshop. But, there’s no time better than the present to roll up your sleeves and whip up some basic designs to get your feet wet. The interface and terminology might be intimidating at first, but when you boil things down and use Photoshop’s tools in bite-sized portions, you will be amazed with how quickly the software becomes familiar to you. Also, feel free to learn more general information about Photoshop and Adobe Creative...

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