Tips to Improve Your Online Job Search

Today, almost all job postings are offered online. Job sites like Indeed or Monster are well organized for both you and the hiring managers to be able to efficiently communicate, schedule interviews, and more. However, the ease of finding jobs today can make finding the right jobs overwhelming. It can also mean competing with hundreds of other candidates who can apply at the click of a button. Here’s how to strategize your online job search to find jobs that are right for you, avoid stress, and save time.

Job Research

Before jumping right into an online job search, it’s smart to research specific job titles or companies you want to target. Compare existing job posts and find the title that speaks to you. It’s ok if it is a job title you are hoping to eventually grow into. In that case, you can look at what qualifications it takes to climb up to a higher position and then backtrack to the lower level title to start.

Once you identify the specific job titles you are targeting, you can review the skills needed to be the best candidate for employment. If you are missing a skill, you will need to address how you will either learn what is necessary or overcome that missing piece should you get to the interview.

Job Search Tips
Set yourself up for success by making sure you are confident walking into an interview as a strong candidate with exactly what the company needs and good things are more likely to happen in the interview. Take a look at the Digital Workshop Center’s course-list if you are looking to add to your skillset or brush-up on a topic or software.

Update your Online Presence

If you are looking for a job today, chances are employers are going to Google your name. Try searching for yourself on the Internet to see what information hiring managers could find about you. If you have personal social media pages, take a moment to adjust your privacy settings, at least while you are on the job search. Additionally, make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date, matches the information in your resume, and your profile picture looks professional.

Consistently Review your Resume

It is a good idea to consistently update your resume to make sure that you are marketing yourself well to employers. Grab 5-10 job postings during your search and compare what are the common threads between the posts. Then, go back and review your resume to make sure the keywords and skills you’ve listed align with what the company is hiring for. Be sure to always tweak your resume once you have found a promising job posting to match specific keywords mentioned in a post. Read our article How to Improve your Resume by resume expect at DWC training director Stu Crair for more tips and tricks on how to polish your resume.

Resume Review
Lastly, it is important to set goals for yourself. Embarking on an online job search is no minor task. It’s easy to get distracted or discouraged along the way. Remember to set attainable goals for yourself and schedule breaks. A well-structured job search will only be to your benefit.

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