Advanced Excel Pivot Tables

How to Create a Custom Group in Pivot Tables

If you’re searching for tips and tricks about advanced Excel pivot tables, you’ve come to the right place. An advanced Excel pivot table is a tool that allows you to summarize and explore data interactively. Building a pivot table is a process of answering questions you have about the data, and it’s much easier and faster than you might think.

For example, you may have a worksheet that contains a large set of sales data for your business, and in its current form, the data is hard to understand. A pivot table is a perfect tool to help you summarize the data and understand it better. Let’s say you may want to know what the total sales are by customer, city, product, etc., and without custom groups, it will be very difficult and time-consuming to find this information. By quickly and easily creating a custom group in your pivot table, you’ll be able to see all of these specific stats.

Before we dive into custom groups any further, take a peek at this video for a quick refresh about what a pivot table is and why it’s useful.

How to Create a Custom Group in Advanced Excel Pivot Tables

The ability to group data is one of the most powerful and useful features in a pivot table. Although pivot tables can automatically group things like dates, times, and numbers, you can also manually group data into your own buckets.

Take a look at this video by ExcelJet that shows how to create a custom group in pivot tables to allow you to better analyze and understand your data.

Advanced Excel pivot tables is an amazing tool to help you analyze large amounts of data. Instead of wasting valuable time with standard Excel look-up features, pivot tables allow you to do quick, easy grouping, summarizing, and filtering of your data. In addition, the formatting features turn a boring report into a professional one in seconds. Pivot tables are a must for anyone who is looking to save time in data analysis.

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