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Stu Crair

Stu Crair

Director & Founder

Stu Crair is the Director & Founder of the Digital Workshop Center (DWC). In 2006, after many years in technology and higher education, Stu began DWC by offering private, customized training. Though DWC has grown immensely, Stu remains focused on providing the same customer service and personalized attention to all students.

Stu has a degree in Information Systems from the University of Maryland at College Park and has over 20 years of experience in higher education and technology. Since 2014, he has also taught as an adjunct Instructor at Colorado State University’s College of Business. Stu is passionate about helping others to succeed and enjoys mentoring DWC instructors. Stu loves to see our students leave with a spring in their step, armed with new skills to find a new job or advance in their career.

In his free time, Stu enjoys cooking, yoga, hiking, and plays drums with several local bands.

Ally Biernat

Ally Biernat

Admissions Director

Ally is a Colorado native who decided to make Fort Collins her home after graduating from Colorado State University with a BS in Nutrition and Food Science. She has experience working in a variety of industries and thrives on making genuine connections in her community. She is passionate about helping others and facilitating learning and professional development.

She is always looking for her next creative challenge whether it is out in the mountains, in her kitchen, or at the office. In her free time you will find her out in her garden, exploring a new rock climbing route, or paddle boarding with her pup, Wilder.

Brittany Lieske

Brittany Lieske

Student Affairs Manager

Brittany grew up in Illinois outside of Chicago and moved out to Fort Collins six years ago for a change in scenery and to pursue a Communications degree at CSU.  She has been loving Colorado ever since.

She has a passion for working closely with others and helping people better themselves both personally and professionally.  For all these reasons, Brittany is excited about being a part of the DWC team.

Outside of work you can find her somewhere in the mountains, by a river, at a concert, or in the kitchen trying out a new recipe. Whether it be alone, or with friends, Brittany is always finding happiness being out in nature.

Savannah Nickerson

Savannah Nickerson

Communications Assistant

Savannah grew up in New England and spent time in New Hampshire before moving out to Colorado back in 2020. After settling in Denver, she entered into the Writing, Rhetoric, & Social Change Master’s program at CSU and made the move up to Fort Collins. She recently graduated after completing a thesis project in designing an alternative writing curriculum that focuses on teaching students how to write for and communicate with online audiences.

When not writing or creating content, Savannah is on a mission to find the best secluded hikes and trail runs of Colorado and surrounding areas. She can always be found on the trails, at the next indie rock concert, and in Old Town serving up Blue Agave tacos.



Security Guard


  • I am a pure creative at heart who wants to capture a story with each design piece. A graphic designer and Adobe software trainer for many years with a passion for making things look good; I have worked with a wide range of clients who have required an equally wide range of design styles. I’m familiar with many approaches to design and consider myself to be adaptable to the needs of any given project. I like to build on what a client gives me and then offer my expertise as a sounding board for the vision of the client. My personal preference is towards clean and open designs with a single striking visual or eye-catching typographical work but this is not always the correct approach. It comes down to the needs of the project and the message that needs to be conveyed. I like to ask, “What is the story this design piece is trying to tell and how can I make l this piece tell that story?”

    Taran KratzOver the last 10 years, I’ve become increasingly interested in board game design and creating graphics for the board game industry so I founded my own business called Zeroic Games. You can see more about Zeroic here: https://zeroicgames.com/

    As for other hobbies, expect to find me at an ultra-nerdy game or comic convention deep diving into the unfathomable mysteries of some sci-fi/fantasy lore, reading my Bible or some other wondrous tales of good vs. evil, or spending time in nature with my family here in the Pacific Northwest!

  • Teresa ZhuTeresa has been a data scientist for many years. She specializes in predictive modeling, machine learning, and data analytics. She is also an online instructor for more than six years, helping students find a job in the tech world.

    She grew up in Toronto, Canada, and got a Bachelor’s degree from Western University. She is also a wedding photographer and is very interested in fashion.

    She is very passionate about teaching adult learners and being a guide for students who are aiming for a career change. She is patient and gives exactly what you need to break into the data science world. 

  • Todd has been a professional creative person for over thirty years, starting as aTodd Tibbetts headshot graphic designer and then moving into positions of leadership as creative director and company founder. He's made an entire career out of being creative; producing websites, apps, videos, illustrations, printed materials and physical products. He has an infectious love of design and he's a friendly guy.

    Todd specializes in AI art, UX design, illustration, animation, video production, and content strategy. He uses cutting-edge tools such as Midjourney, Figma, Webflow, and Adobe Creative Cloud to create engaging and innovative projects that meet the needs and expectations of clients.