John Rose - Instructor


After graduating from the Art department at the University of California, Northridge, he gained experience by working at a silk-screen shop where he printed T-shirts and hats. As the shop manager, he trained employees on film image exposure and silk screen printing techniques, ensuring high-quality products and customer satisfaction. Subsequently, he ventured into his own business, providing artwork, airbrushing, and painting services to local businesses and occasional professional racers.

His journey in the print industry began when he joined Bertelsmann, the world’s largest and oldest print company. As the company transitioned from traditional paste-up methods to digital technology, they sought assistance from the GATF Graphic Arts Technical Foundation. John quickly adapted to the new technology and started helping his colleagues with their assignments. It was during this time that he realized his art would eventually be computer-based.

John then secured a position as the senior artist at a studio in Valencia, CA, where he focused on drawing, scanning, and coloring comic book pages for films. As he expanded his skillset, he explored various applications, with Photoshop remaining his favorite. One day, Adobe invited him to be a “beta” tester for the release of Photoshop 4, further solidifying his expertise in the software.

Continuing his professional journey, John delved into 3D modeling and animation using Autodesk Maya, motion graphics in After Effects, digital sculpting in Zbrush, 3D printing, visual effects for film, sculpting props for actors on set, designing movie sets, and painting those sets. Over the past five years, he has been an integral part of a highly skilled team of painters at Disneyland, contributing to iconic rides and lands such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Toontown, Nemo, Fantasyland, Radiator Springs, Jungle Cruise, and STAR WARS: Galaxy’s Edge.


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