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Nature/Scenic "In the Field"

Nature/Scenic "In the Field"

Nature Photographers Network (NPN) Articles and Forums

Naturescapes Articles and Forums

Outdoor Photographer Magazine

North American Nature Photography Association

The Luminous Landscape

The Photographer's Ephemeris (Location Finder)

Sunrise/Set Quality Calculator

Clear/Dark Night Sky


Mountain Light: In Search of the Dynamic Landscape by Galen Rowell

The Art, Science, and Craft of Great Landscape Photography by Glenn Randall

The Camera, The Negative, The Print by Ansel Adams

Landscape Beyond: A Journey into Photography by David Ward and Joe Cornish

National Audubon Society Guide to Landscape Photography, 2nd Edition by Tim Fitzharris

In Wildness Is the Preservation of the World by Eliot Porter

National Geographic Greatest Landscapes: Stunning Photographs That Inspire and Astonish