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Embrace the Cloud

[Originally published in The Coloradoan on 4/27/12]

The more we embrace technology and how it can improve our professional lives, the more information we begin to accumulate over time at our business.

At some point, the use and sharing of this information can become cumbersome for a business to control, and, therefore, looking to a cloud solution becomes a viable option.

The cloud concept comes from a metaphor for the Internet as a whole, but as private servers (or clouds) have become more readily accessible to the public, the cloud term has taken over in popularity.

Cloud computing is based upon the idea that by using shared services and resources, information can be more centrally located and utilized.

Typically, cloud solutions are more versatile in how they are executed or used by a business. There is usually no software to download, but rather a server to connect to and store your information.

Furthermore, a friendly user interface provides easy ways to manage your server and the data within.

“Cloud computing will continue to change the way we do business,” said Mark Seager, vice president of Technology EMEA at Informatica, in a recent interview with the Computer Business Review.

“The year ahead will see an upturn in cloud adoption, driven by the need for organizations to be more agile, as well as the need to cut costs,” Seager said. “With existing IT frameworks often made up of data silos, cloud technology can help create a dynamic architecture to accommodate any data, in any location. Businesses who want to respond and act faster in today’s economic climate have to look to the cloud if they haven’t already. After all, the challenge for cloud adoption until now has been inertia, and many businesses have therefore not gained the benefits cloud computing can offer. Organizations need to be aggressive but smart as they make the move to the cloud.”

The benefits of moving into a cloud system are immeasurable and are changing the way all types of businesses operate. In the coming weeks, I will be discussing some of the benefits of some of the newer cloud services and how it can benefit your business, too.

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