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Student Testimonials


TestimonialsWe treat every student as an individual; not a number.

Since 2006, we have valued customer service and individual attention to ensure your investment in training is wroth every penny.  We are proud of our customer reviews:  98% of our students report positive feedback from our classes, we have a 4.9 rating on Facebook reviews, and a 5-star rating on Google reviews.

Read what some of our students have said about our classes:

This class was very helpful and taught me things I had no clue were on my camera. I had a lot of fun and I am excited to take more photos.


The instructor was great and I learned a lot of new techniques in Photoshop that I didn’t have before!

Cameron A.

Learning online is quite easy, but nothing beats being in a classroom with peers and a teacher that can address your particular questions on the spot.  These classes are invaluable experiences for budding designers!

John Kliewer

I learned a lot in this class and have much more confidence in what I can now do in Microsoft Word.  I was very satisfied with the pacing of the class and the instructor was great.

T. Thompson

Very good practical advice based on real-world experience which I really appreciate!

Sally R.

The instructor was very good and real easy to work with.

Harry M.

I’m really excited to have found hands-on classes. I’ll be back!

Cynthia A.

The class was great and I even used what I learned on a work project this week when I was in a pinch on a tight deadline. Well done!

J. Ford

I came in with a lot of self-taught bad habits in the Adobe programs, and with help from my instructors, I have been able to break some of those and really re-learn the programs. If you’ve worked with Adobe at all, you know it’s an endless experience of learning new things. It’s been really helpful to have someone guiding me through the process. I look forward to finishing up the Advanced Graphic Design Certification and will continue put this learning to work.

A. Hamrick

The instructor had an extreme wealth of knowledge.

Cynthia O.