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DWC Celebrates 11 Year Anniversary

DWC Celebrates 11 Year Anniversary Serving Denver, Fort Collins and the Colorado Workforce since 2006 Dear students, instructors, staff, neighbors, friends, Old Town alley walkers, and overall DWC supporters, This month (June 2017) marks the 11th year of business for Digital Workshop Center.  11 years!?! Hard to wrap my ahead around it, but also honored and humbled by the growth of this business and trajectory we are on for the future. Since I started this business out of my house, I wanted to build a community center for...

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Connecting with alumni on LinkedIn

Connecting with alumni on LinkedIn Working to increase access to job opportunities and networking for alumni on LinkedIn Employers and job seekers know that LinkedIn is the single most important tool for recruiting talent.  Employers often review a LinkedIn profile as much (if not more) than a resume to determine your skills and qualifications before hiring. For skills assessment, LinkedIn is a tremendous tool for recruiters to be able to accurately analyze how a candidates skill set would match their open position....

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What we learned from the Talent 2.0 report

What we learned from the Talent 2.0 report Interpreting the statistics on the Colorado workforce and the Talent 2.0 report Last month, the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce, several workforce centers, and key educational institutions across the state held a meeting called ‘Talent 2.0’.  The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the findings of a Talent 2.0 report provided by the Fort Collins Chamber and many key partners. Some of these strategic partners include: Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce City of Fort Collins...

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Understanding the Colorado Talent Pipeline Report

Understanding the Colorado Talent Pipeline Report Technology and careers in frontend web development in the Colorado talent pipeline This is a critical time in Northern Colorado’s workforce history. As the State experiences record growth in population, innovation, and small business, the high-demand skills that are essential to the economy’s growth are lagging behind. Too many companies in Northern Colorado are actively looking to hire, but forced to search outside of this region to recruit the talent needed in today’s emerging industries....

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Colorado Workforce Centers

Colorado Workforce Centers Connecting students in Colorado with the resources of the Colorado Workforce Centers With about twenty Colorado Workforce Centers spread out across the state, there is a committed effort by the Colorado state government to keep workforce development as one of its priorities.  After all, the goal of the Workforce Centers is to invest in its people instead of business interests. According to Wikipedia, Workforce Development in the United States as a whole “has evolved from a...

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