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Five Excel Features That Everyone Should Know

Microsoft Excel is just about as famous for being frustratingly difficult as it is for being exceedingly useful. These five tricks will make your data-crunching experience a much more relaxing one.

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A Simple Mail Merge Can Save You Time

If you have a list of contacts on your computer and are ready to start mailing to a large group of them, then you can put down your pen and let your computer do all the dirty work.

With two of the most popular Microsoft programs, Word and Excel, you can quickly and easily create a mail merge system for your contacts.

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Business Book Club: Would You Like to Achieve a State of Stress-Free Productivity?

In this day-and-age, we’re all juggling so many different responsibilities: a gazillion passwords, emails, hard copies, phone calls, Facebook, blogs, work responsibilities – tasks, files, projects, meetings, reports; home responsibilities – eating, cleaning, family, chores, insurance companies, cleaning out the garage (is that task ever completed or does it just live on the to do list permanently for you too?).

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Microsoft Excel: Using Conditional Formatting

A client recently came in looking for help with Excel spreadsheet issues. As the director of a youth program, she was using an Excel spreadsheet to track participants’ enrollment information. She needed the name of an active participant to show in green. If the participant was transitioning out the name was to show in yellow, and if the participant had left the program, the name was highlighted in red.

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