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Flat Lay Photos on Instagram

Flat Lay Photos on Instagram 5 Tips for Styling Flat Lay Photos on Instagram One of the biggest trends to hit the world of social media is flat lay photos, especially on the social media platform Instagram. Flat lay photos are a great way to highlight your business’s products or tell a fun story with objects. Best part? Flat lay photos can easily be taken with your smartphone! Flat lay photos are incredibly popular right now, for good reason! They resonate well with consumers and are extremely easy to set up and shoot. In...

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9 Tips to Improve Your Smartphone Photography

9 Tips to Improve Your Smartphone Photography Take better pictures with these simple smartphone photo tips Chances are you have a smartphone in your pocket, purse, or near you as you read this very blog. The built-in cameras in your phone have come a long way and can be used to take some incredible pictures, without being a professional photographer. Use these tips to take better photos on your smartphone: Practice, Practice, Practice There is no harm in taking lots of photos on your smartphone. Unlike film cameras, smartphones take...

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Augmented Reality Will Shift Views

Augmented Reality Will Shift Views [Originally published in The Coloradoan on 5/11/12] Virtual reality has become a catch phrase in the pop culture vocabulary. But have you heard of augmented reality? As more technology companies scramble to keep up with one another, the need for a simpler user experience has become a must for product developers. According to, “augmented reality (AR) is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory...

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