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10 Essential Business Soft Skills to Highlight on Your Resume

10 Essential Business Soft Skills to Highlight on Your Resume When you’re applying for a job, you may think employers care most about your technical skills: the “hard skills” that equip you to do the work. However, it’s just as important to show off your soft skills.  Soft skills are the non-technical skills that relate to how you work such as problem solving, communication, time management, and responsibility. These skills are essential for all job seekers, students, and current workers to develop and refine. These intangible...

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Tips to Improve Your Online Job Search

Tips to Improve Your Online Job Search Today, almost all job postings are offered online. Job sites like Indeed or Monster are well organized for both you and the hiring managers to be able to efficiently communicate, schedule interviews, and more. However, the ease of finding jobs today can make finding the right jobs overwhelming. It can also mean competing with hundreds of other candidates who can apply at the click of a button. Here’s how to strategize your online job search to find jobs that are right for you, avoid stress,...

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Digital Marketing Resume

Digital Marketing Resume Your Digital Marketing Resume Should Include these Five Essential Elements Congratulations! You’ve jumped through the hoops, gained crucial professional skills, and now you’re ready to land yourself a brand new career! Easy enough, right? Not exactly. It turns out that the job application process can be daunting and exhausting. However, if you follow these five tips to optimize your digital marketing resume, you’ll be one step ahead of many other applicants and on your way to shaking hands...

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How to Set Up Your LinkedIn Profile

How to Set Up Your LinkedIn Profile Before filling out your profile and creating a company profile, take a minute or two to write down a few words and phrases that you want to connect to your profile. Keywords, i.e. graphic design, real estate, electrician, programmer, etc. are great. LinkedIn works like Google in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and your LinkedIn profile is searchable on other search engines. The more places you can put the words that define you and your business, the better. Personal Profile  Upload...

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