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Connecting with alumni on LinkedIn

Connecting with alumni on LinkedIn Working to increase access to job opportunities and networking for alumni on LinkedIn Employers and job seekers know that LinkedIn is the single most important tool for recruiting talent.  Employers often review a LinkedIn profile as much (if not more) than a resume to determine your skills and qualifications before hiring. For skills assessment, LinkedIn is a tremendous tool for recruiters to be able to accurately analyze how a candidates skill set would match their open position....

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How to Set Up Your LinkedIn Profile

How to Set Up Your LinkedIn Profile Before filling out your profile and creating a company profile, take a minute or two to write down a few words and phrases that you want to connect to your profile. Keywords, i.e. graphic design, real estate, electrician, programmer, etc. are great. LinkedIn works like Google in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and your LinkedIn profile is searchable on other search engines. The more places you can put the words that define you and your business, the better. Personal Profile  Upload...

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