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Microsoft Word: How to Fix Those Pesky Formatting Issues

When it comes to word processing, there is no doubt that Microsoft Word is the go-to program (although Mac users could make a pretty good argument for Pages). However, for all of the convenience and usefulness Word provides us, we’ve all had to deal with its unfathomable desire to format for us. It could happen at any time, to anyone and we’ve all been tempted to chuck our Macs or PCs straight out of the office window because of it. Luckily, DWC is here to save your computer, your window, and...

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Keyboards: Slow Typing By Design

[Originally published in The Coloradoan on 8/17/12] Every time I look at the personal computer keyboard, I can’t help but wonder who invented the thing. The modern Qwerty keyboard is a mystery to many because it doesn’t seem to follow any logical pattern when compared to the English language. For one of the typing courses I teach, I decided to do a little research because this question continued to irk me. It turns out the motive behind the design of this keyboard is even stranger than you may...

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