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Resources & Blog: Introductory

This Valentine’s Day, Love your Job Too

This Valentine’s Day, Love your Job Too We spend most of our time at work, so why not love what we do? Most Americans spend a third of their lives and half of their waking hours at work. Enjoying the work that you do has a drastic impact on your overall happiness. People who feel engaged in their work are more likely to be happy in their career and their life in general. However, in the U.S, only 30% of employees feel engaged in their work. Just like personal relationships, developing a good relationship with work takes commitment,...

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Best Typing Courses

Best Typing Courses Learn about the best online typing courses near you In the digital era we live in, the ability to type error-free at an efficient rate is important for nearly everyone, including business owners, job seekers, and employees. On average, adults of all backgrounds can type 40 words per minute. However, many jobs, including secretaries, administrative assistants, and other similar positions now require applicants to be able to type at least 65 words per minute. Having the ability to type quickly...

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