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The ABCs of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign

Adobe’s Creative Suite (CS) products have been around a long time – the first commercial CS program, Illustrator 88 (logo above), launched in 1986. Technology has come a long way since rat-tails, cassette tapes, and New Kids on the Block were in style. Like the New Kids, Adobe CS has grown with the times. Today, there are over 15 CS programs, offering tools for digital media, print, video, multimedia and more to create anything from basic graphic designs to the avant-garde.

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Top 3 reasons Gravity Forms is one of the greatest WordPress plugins…ever

For many years in the early days of web development, one of the biggest challenges for a web developer was creating and using forms properly.  While the HTML and CSS were challenging in one capacity, the actual collection of data and ability to use effectively was another ballgame altogether. Fast forward to modern web development and WordPress (and other content management systems) has changed how we manage and organize content.  And, Gravity Forms by Rocketgenius, Inc has changed how we can quickly and easily add forms to a WordPress site.

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Latest trends of eLearning with the Adobe Creative Cloud

As an Adobe Authorized Training Center, it is vital that we utilize as many eLearning tools in the classroom as possible. With classes now held in 3 locations (streaming online, Fort Collins, and Denver), we rely on eLearning tools more than ever. Let’s first examine the trends of eLearning with Adobe Creative Cloud and understand how Digital Workshop Center fits into that puzzle.v

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3 reasons to complete a bootcamp in frontend web development

Adding marketable skills through a frontend web development bootcamp

Whether you are looking to change careers or add new skills to your resume, there are important decisions to make regarding your training path. Consider the top three reasons to complete a bootcamp in frontend web development:

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Custom Excel Visual Basic Application – Project Review – NM Industrial Service

The goal of this project was to create an automated solution to create the cover sheets and submittal registers that had been created manually in Excel in the past. After reviewing the current processes with NMIS, DWC determined that they did not have a current system in place to create these documents. Different users created the forms in different ways, and there was a lack of consistency of the final product.

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