Peggy Horner

Peggy HornerPeggy Horner is a multimedia specialist and educator. She has a MA in Multimedia Communications and a BA in Information Technology. She also has an EdD ABD in Organizational Leadership. Currently, Peggy teaches online for two well-known universities. She has taught for the Art Institute where she was the Program Director for Graphic, Web, and Interior Design. She has taught both young adult students at the beginning of their college career and Master level students in multiple Universities. Peggy has led workshops for people in the midst of their careers, to boost their skill level and to help them become more marketable.

Peggy enjoys a variety of things such as hiking national parks and traveling around the US on the back of her husband’s motorcycle. She also has cuddle buddy named Harley who is a Bully Pit. In her free time, you can catch her hiking her local trails or cuddling with Harley and a book.