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Barbara Collins

Barbara CollinsI am a proud Michigan-der by birth. My lopsided career has allowed me to travel to almost every state in the US and I have fallen in love with the incredible breath and beauty of it.

I have worked in the IT world since before there was “dial-up” (which means well before - the Internet!)

Long story short:

  • Decade 1: I started out with in corporate with a data entry job, then moved on to be a IT Business Analyst, UI Tester, and Traveling Trainer. 
  • Decade 2:  In corporate law as a project coordinator in DevOps, a HelpDesk Analyst, and software integration trainer.
  • Decade 3: Finally, (and most fun) in education as a CIS Instructor at a local Community College.  I specialize in Basic Digital Literacy, G-Suite, and MS Office.

Whether you are new to computers or need a refresher on the newest innovations, I am ready to move you closer to your goals.

In the end, I’m a people person and love being able to help folks use this wonderful, frustrating, scary, exciting tool called the computer.  I enjoy the challenges and opportunities that this field offers.  Never a boring moment.

Outside the classroom, I like to get overly involved with repairs to the family’s 110-year-old house. I like to hike the beautiful parklands that surround Oakland. I also like to:

  • Listen to music – All Kinds - Music Unites!
  • Bottle jam and jelly while the fruit is fresh!
  • Have an evening chat with a friend or family (no tech interruptions allowed) just to check on their day and maybe even share a laugh.