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Dr. Jose J Valdes

Microsoft Office, Business Soft Skills & Basic Digital Literacy

Jose Valdes InstructorI was born in Santa Clara, Cuba and immigrated with my parents and sister to the United States as pollical refugees in 1962. We were quickly resettled from Miami, Florida to Denver, Colorado. Interestingly, I grow up in a Denver neighborhood with many families originally from the Netherlands.

I graduated from Denver South High School and found that Colorado State University (CSU) was a terrific fit. It was such a good fit that I have an undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate from CSU. However, the doctorate came later in life while serving as the Associate Director for Telecommunications at CSU. In the interim, I was fortunate to complete a couple of graduate degrees in Telecommunications and Computer Information Systems.

For over thirty years, my career was in telecommunications and information technology with various large communications, information systems companies, and CSU. Serving in technical and managerial positions, it was a wonderfully interesting, challenging, and ever evolving career.

In parallel, for many of those years I taught business, career, and information technology related courses for a variety of two-year, four-year, private, public, and career institutions. There are not many academic environments dealing with adults that I have not experienced. All were learning experiences and rewarding.

After retiring from CSU, I joined the College of Business, Department of Computer Information Systems at CSU as an Instructor. Furthermore, for about the same timeframe, I have been teaching for the College of Adult and Graduate Studies at Colorado Christian University, and courses at the Digital Workshop Center.

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