Josh Hardin

Josh Hardin InstructorJosh Hardin has dedicated his life to looking for the best light to photograph Colorado’s peaks, plains and desert plateaus. Born and raised in Loveland, it was on childhood trips to the nearby Rockies that he discovered a passion for outdoor photography. He studied black and white darkroom techniques in high school, later managed a professional one-hour photo lab in Fort Collins and was as an editor of The Rocky Mountain Collegian while he was earning a bachelor’s degree in journalism at Colorado State University.

Josh spent a year as a reporter/photographer for The BVI Beacon, a newspaper in the British Virgin Islands, then five years as the staff photographer for Regis University in Denver while earning a master’s degree in business administration there. Josh’s company Viewfinder Media recently released the book Classic Colorado: a compilation of his best nature shots.

Today, Josh works as staff photographer for Colorado Life Magazine, moderates the Rocky Mountain regional forum on and still spends an extensive amount of time exploring and photographing his home state.

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