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Two hour classes for Larimer County, City of Fort Collins, Poudre Fire Authority, Poudre School District and more

Professional development classes at Larimer CountyWhen Larimer County looked to hire an outside provider for Microsoft Office training, they called the Digital Workshop Center (DWC) and we were excited to help.   In the past, DWC has worked with several government entities for training including Centers for Disease Control, State of Colorado employees, and several local municipalities.

However, Larimer County had specific needs for how and when they wanted the training delivered.  DWC custom designed a series of two hour classes specifically geared to help County employees with hands-on classes.  Whether to up-skill at their current position or prepare someone for a new job opening, DWC classes will improve a student’s technical proficiency and comfort level with the software application.  And, since our classes are taught by industry experts, DWC can bring that real world experience to the classroom that helps connect our students to the most relevant information possible.

Classes available at Larimer County

Working closely with County staff, we identified the following classes as the most relevant for this audience:


  1. Working with Functions – Basic
    • Excel has unlimited capabilities to calculate, manipulate, and analyze data of any kind. In this class, you will learn the right ways to create formulas and functions.  You will understand the environment and terminology of Excel, the most popular functions, absolute versus relative references, auto-sum, and more.
  2. Data Analysis with Tables and Charts – Basic
    • Get started with analyzing your data in Excel by using Tables and Charts effectively. Tables allow for easy organization and formatting of large data sets, and Charts help you to visualize your data in countless ways.  Get started with new Excel time-saving features today.
  3. PivotTables and PivotCharts – Basic
    • For any data analysis, PivotTables are the most effective, time-saving feature in Excel. Become more productive and efficient working with this incredible tool, and learn why PivotTables have become the standard for reporting and analysis. An essential class for anyone looking to save time while working with large data sets.
  4. Working with multiple workbooks and worksheets- Intermediate
    • As your data grows, you need to work across multiple worksheets or workbooks and understand how to effectively organize your work. From lookup functions (i.e. VLOOKUP) to external references, this class will take your Excel skills to the next level.
  5. Workbook functionality – Intermediate
    • With more complex formulas, there is also a higher chance for error. Learn how to validate your data and audit your work to find your own errors.  In addition, you will learn how to protect your work and secure it for the long term.
  6. Going farther with data analysis – Intermediate
    • There are several data analysis tools built into Excel that you may not know about. It’s time to learn about scenarios, goal seek, forecasting, and data trends so you can learn more from your data and make smarter business decisions.
  7. Working with Functions – Advanced
    • With hundreds of Excel functions available, you can save time and be more productive by learning how to calculate or manipulate your data in creative ways. This class will teach you how to use functions such as logical, text, date, and many more.  An essential class for anyone wanting to get more from their daily Excel workflow.
    • Pre-requisite: Working with Functions – Basic
  8. PivotTables and PivotCharts – Advanced
    • Go beyond the basic PivotTable and learn the incredible features of data analysis in Excel. This class will teach you how to customize your PivotTables to get the most out of your large data sets.
    • Pre-requisite: PivotTables and PivotCharts – Basics
  9. Getting started with Macros and automating tasks – Advanced
    • If you perform a repetitive series of tasks, then a Macro will save you time by automating your workflow. Learn how to get started with simple Macros and automation, as well as related security pros and cons.


  1. microsoft word classReach a large audience with Word Mail Merge – Basic
    • Save time and energy by combining any Word document with a data source to create a mail merge. Learn a step-by-step process to set up an effective mail merge that you can re-use over time.
  2. Getting started with Macros and automating tasks – Advanced
    • Learn how you can automate repetitive tasks in Word by writing your own Macro. Macros are one of the best time-saving tools you have in Word, and this introductory class will help you learn how you can write and edit your own effectively.
  3. Working with forms and templates in Word – Advanced
    • Create fillable forms that you can distribute to your users and collect important data. In this class, you will learn about Word’s form features, as well as how to use the templates to create new documents quickly.
  4. Essentials for working with long documents – Advanced
    • If you have ever needed to add a table of contents, page or section breaks, index, or other longer document features, then this class is for you. Stop manually updating your work and learn how to save time by automating the features of long documents.

Acrobat DC

  1. Adobe Acrobat ClassesGetting started with Acrobat Pro forms – Basic
    • Create dynamic forms in Acrobat that you can distribute to your users and collect valuable information. If you have any documents that require manually entry of data, this class will help you to save time and learn about the essential Acrobat Pro features to get you started with forms today.
    • Pre-requisite: Students may only attend this class if they have a purchased Acrobat Pro DC license. Students must bring their own laptop with Acrobat Pro installed or sign-up for a trial version.
  2. Introduction to working with Acrobat PDFs – Basic
    • The Acrobat PDF is one of the most important tools in business today. This class will teach you how to create, edit, and convert PDFs for common business uses, as well as adding digital signatures and more.  This is an essential class for anyone who works with PDFs on a regular basis.
    • Pre-requisite: Students may only attend this class if they have a purchased Acrobat Pro DC license. Students must bring their own laptop with Acrobat Pro installed or sign-up for a trial version.

Microsoft Office transitions

  1. What’s new in Office 365? – Basic
    • If you have recently upgraded to Office 365, this class will help you to learn about the latest features of your favorite Office programs. New tools for collaboration, editing, and productivity will help jumpstart your daily workflow using Office.

Other Ideas

  1. Introduction to Google Apps – Basic
    • Learn new ways to save time in Gmail, Google Docs, Drive, Google Sheets, and other integrated Google Apps
  2. Transition from Windows 8 to Windows 10
  3. Time-saving features of Outlook 365

Customized, private classes for any sized group or department can also be scheduled.  For more information on which classes are right for you or your team, you may contact DWC staff for help.

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