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David Wiatrolik

Instructor – Microsoft Office Suite & IntroductOry Classes

David is a musician, educator, and small business owner based in Fort Collins, Colorado. He holds both a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering and Masters of Music in jazz performance from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. In May of 2017, David completed a Doctorate of Music Arts from University of Southern California. His small business provides freelance entertainment, composing, PR, marketing, recording, and production services. David also performs music regularly with several groups across the Front Range.

Wiatrolik has a talent for blending formal and informal learning techniques to suit the needs and goals of his students. His gift is reaching beginners and those who are new to using technology due to his use of a student-centered approach where the student takes active role in their learning by completing real-world projects. In this approach the instructor, acts more as a facilitator of learning and a resource of information. By remaining flexible and embracing the physical, aural and visual modes of learning, classes with David can be both fun and engaging, yet packed full of skills and knowledge relevant to your ambitions.

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