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Data Science ClassesThe Data Science Certificate is a comprehensive curriculum, focused on Python software, working with big data, and visualizing and modeling the results.  Working with data experts, you will gain incredible insight into this fast growing, high demand field.  One of the fastest growing professions in the US, data science offers many opportunities for you to grow your career and make smarter decisions with your big data.

Companies around the world are storing more data than ever before in order to learn about their customers patterns and behaviors. From online sales to social media trends, there is a vast array of data that is available for companies to learn about consumer trends.

Along with massive amounts of data there is also a growing need for data professionals to understand how to work with and model the insights necessary for a company to learn about their customer base.  Data science is a growing field that requires a new set of software tools and skills, combining advanced data analysis, critical thinking, Python programming, and creative problem solving. 

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    Data Science

  • Data Science

    96 hrs total. 32 sessions.
    Launch a new high demand career in Data Science
    From $8,295.00