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Today’s world is faced paced and new businesses have to jump in with savvy in order to survive. It doesn’t matter how amazing your product or service is if nobody knows about you and you aren’t making an effort to connect with the public. Here’s where social media platforms come in- the ability to insert yourself into the social sphere and be a part of your customers’ lives, both past and future.

There are some basic advantages that social media platforms can bring to a small business.  We present 5 Social Media Platforms To Boost Your Small Business:

  • The ability to forge a brand “look and feel”
    • The words you use and the graphics/photos you post say a lot about you and what you’re trying to sell
  • The power to answer and address feedback/complaints
    • Customer feedback is crucial to any growing business and social media gives you a way to interact with clients and publicly fix issues that may arise
  • The platform to offer deals and incentives
    • Discounts and special offers are hugely enticing to the general public, and having a strong online media exposure ensures those will bring in business
  • The tools to grow your following and increase brand loyalty
    • The digital age gives you the instruments to interact with your customers, expand your mailing lists, boost your affiliations, and add the personal touch

While it may seem overwhelming, especially if you are just starting out and seriously understaffed (or underfunded), investing in a solid social media plan will pay you back over and over again. If you utilize social media efficiently and in a targeted manner (e.g. a photographer may find more success on Instagram than say, YouTube), you will find your business growing in both sales and popularity.

So let’s explore the top seven platforms and how they can bring engagement and panache to your small business!

5 Social Media Platforms To Boost Your Small Business at the Digital Workshop Center

Credit: Flickr user Khalid Albaih

  1. Facebook

It’s the #1 social media site in the world, and for good reason. With almost 900 million users, your customer demographic potential is huge and chances are, everyone you know has a page of some kind on this multitalented website. This should be one of your most important advertising avenues, second only to your own unique website/blog, and you should take advantage of the myriad of options. You can post writings and photos, create surveys and contests, plan and invite people to events, invite people to “check in” at your shop, embed videos and links, use hashtags, and so much more.

  1. Twitter

140 characters don’t seem like much, but they can be quite powerful when used regularly. Do some research into the best tags to narrow down your target market, and think long and hard about everything you post before posting it. You’ll quickly become savvy at saying a lot in a few short sentences, and gracefully entering conversations about topics and fields that are pertinent to your business. Twitter is great for following people you admire, networking with other people in your industry, and being found by people searching via hashtag or live-tweeting special events.

  1. LinkedIn

It may seem static at first, since this site is basically a glorified online resume, but don’t be too quick to write it off. LinkedIn has almost 150 million users, and is set up to connect you to other people in your industry, as well as provide a “reference” of sorts to people searching you or your business. It only takes a few minutes to set up your unique page, and update it as your experience grows, so there isn’t a reason not to partake in this useful platform. Over time, you may find opportunities to collaborate, grow your business, or wrangle investors.

  1. Instagram

Many people who fancy themselves as “serious” business owners don’t think about utilizing this image-based platform, and that’s a shame. With more than 200 million users and growing every day, Instagram can bring a new, fresh dimension to your products or services. People tend to respond strongly to pictures, as the advertising industry knows well, and they provide a fantastic opportunity to forge your unique brand and incite a certain emotion or feeling in your followers. With just one well-shot and well-tagged image, you can garner dozens of new followers in mere seconds, and your influence will only grow with more photos and more devotees.

  1. YouTube

You may think it’s just a place for everyone to share their ridiculous videos of animals or people falling into things. But this huge media platform is a great place to insert your business (if it makes sense for you to do so, of course) and gain a new following, whether or not you ever create a viral video. You can show people what you do by filming sessions (awesome for people like yoga instructors and chefs) or demo-ing products, even creating video blogs (or “vlogs”) to accompany your written work. With over 3 billion viewers each and every day, YouTube can bring a new dimension to your business!

If you want to learn more about Social Media but need some help to get started, sign up for our Social Media For Business class and then round out your entrepreneurial savvy with our other digital marketing offerings!


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