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Explore all of the options for coworking space in Fort Collins to find the right community for you!

Digital Workshop Center CoWorking space in Fort CollinsAbout four years ago, Digital Workshop Center (DWC) had outgrown its current space in Fort Collins on Howes St.  I had recently met Angel from Cohere, and learned about the awesome work she had been doing to build a coworking community of her own, but that she was also looking for new space.  Angel practically wrote the book on coworking (no really, check out her books!), so I had high hopes to find a space because I knew I could learn so much from her.

We took some tours of available space together, hoping to find a new home that we could somehow share.  In the end, no building fit both our needs, but Cohere became our next door neighbors for a brief while but we never could find a building to house us both.

Fast forward several years, and the opportunity for DWC to finally have a coworking space of our own in our current building was presented and I jumped at it.  The synergy of coworking space and professional development training has always been a natural one (in my mind anyway) and I think our students, instructors, and community members would agree.  After 2 years of operating a coworking space, I have learned some important and unexpected lessons.  None have been more important that new members need to find a space that fits their work/life goals, as much as DWC needs to sometimes recommend another space when we don’t offer what a new member truly needs.

Today, there are several other coworking spaces in Fort Collins that have opened and offer various niches to the greater coworking community.

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Top 3 things to consider when you choose your CoWorking space in Fort Collins

  1. Fort Collins is all about community

    And so is CoWorking!  For both business and personal, Fort Collins and Northern Colorado has one of the strongest communities I’ve ever been a part of.  When you are looking to join a coworking space, you should focus on the community that suits you the best.  Are you more artistic?  Need quiet, professional space?  Want a more social atmosphere while you work?  There’s a community for all of those depending on your personal style.  Find your community and you and your business will thrive.

  2. Are you comfortable working in a shared space?

    If you are new to CoWorking, you may be surprises by some of the major changes versus working at home or a coffee shop.  Sharing space means you will hear others talking, on the phone, eating lunch, and much more.  CoWorking is very close to a traditional office, but you are sharing your space with other entrepreneurs, small business owners, and remote workers.  The phone is a constant issue for all shared spaces, but many provide phone call areas or booths for you to escape and have private calls.  If you don’t like the smell of your neighbors lunch…well, that’s a tricky one to solve, but you should also be comfortable with your community members to be able to have that conversation too.

  3. Do you meet with clients or host events regularly?

    At each space in Fort Collins, you will find various types of meeting and conference space.  Each space offers different packages for how to host your next event.  For example, DWC has more of a classroom/training room style setup that is great for tech meetups and related events.  However, The Articulate has more traditional conference rooms as well as a professional photo and video studio for meetings or rental.  As you get tired of meeting in coffee shops, and need to find a more professional space, each CoWorking space will provide various options.  Consider your audience and budget and you will find the right one for you.

Check out the Fort Collins CoWorking alliance

Digital Workshop Center Coworking Fort Collins 02As you start your research of CoWorking in Fort Collins, be sure to also take a look at FoCoWorks, the CoWorking alliance for all Fort Collins CoWorking spaces.  If CoWorking is about community, it makes sense for all of the spaces in town to work together for the common good.  FoCoWorks holds a couple of events a year to promote coworking in the Fort, as well as a one-stop place to learn the differences.

Have more questions?

We are happy to help answer any questions on the DWC CoWorking space, as well as direct you to the right contacts at any of the others in town.  Feel free to contact us or fill out the following form for help: