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QuickBooks for Beginners Class – Level 1 (Private)

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Private QuickBooks Classes for one-on-one help

Class Description

QuickBooks for Beginners Class (Level 1) is customized, private introduction on how to use QuickBooks to best meet the needs of your business. The main objective is to introduce you to QuickBooks’ basic features and give you an opportunity for hands-on coursework, so that you can immediately apply at your office.

In the QuickBooks for Beginners Class, you will learn about the types of information you need to track in your business, and how to enter that information and track it in QuickBooks. By the time you complete the course, you will have a good idea of how an accounting software package can save time and help organize business finances.

QuickBooks for Beginners private is taught by a local expert in a small classroom environment.  Each student will work on their own workstation in a sample company file to be able to learn how to build a QuickBooks file the right way from the ground up.  This private class is available for class sizes from 1 to 16.

If you are new to QuickBooks Desktop Version and looking for hands-on training, this is the right class for you!

QuickBooks for Beginners Class
QuickBooks for Beginners Class

Performance Based Objectives

Upon successful completion of the QuickBooks for Beginners class, students will be able to:

  • Setup a company file
  • Work with bank accounts
  • Set up up your products and services to sell
  • Design a chart of accounts
  • Process payments
  • Enter and pay your bills easily
  • Reconciliation of accounts and basics of online banking features
  • Create reports to analyze your financial data
QuickBooks for Beginners Class

Class Includes:

  • 7 hours of classroom training
  • Professional Textbook
  • Download materials with practice data files
  • Free access to CoWorking space on class days (FC Only)
  • One month of technical support
  • Certificate of Completion
QuickBooks for Beginners Class Fort Collins

General Info:

  • Target student: Beginner
  • Project based assignments and structured hands-on activities throughout class
  • Computer & software provided in class
  • Class size limited
QuickBooks for Beginners Class Denver


Training Type

Instructor led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities.  Available for Private or Group Sessions.

Financial Aid

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Terms & Conditions

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