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Typing Classes

Learn Typing

Why Should I Take This Class?

Typing for Beginners ClassesBeing able to type quickly and efficiently is a valuable skill in today’s computer-dominated world. Typing classes at DWC will take you through the fundamentals of typing and raise your comfort level. This typing class also goes into the history of the QWERTY keyboard and explains why our modern keyboards look the way they do. This class will give you lessons to work on at home and will explain the basics of typing from A-Z.

Upon completion of our Typing 101 training, you will feel confident using your keyboard and your fingers will begin to fly across the keys. All of our hands-on Typing 101 classes include: a custom reference packet prepared by the DWC and one month of technical support.

Typing classes at DWC are taught in a live format.  All classes are taught by a live instructor and you will get your questions answered in real-time.  Expect to go through a wide range of tutorials, games, and assessments aimed to improve your typing speed and technique.

What Skills Will I Gain After This Class?

When you complete our Typing 101 class, you will be able to:

  • Identify important keys and shortcuts
  • Use the correct fingers to increase your typing speed
  • Most importantly… type with confidence

How Do I Get Started?

Click a class title below to view class schedules and register. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 970-980-8091.