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Advanced Graphic Design Software Certification

Learn graphic design and layout techniques to jump-start your graphic design career

Why Should I Enroll In This Certificate Program?

advanced graphic design certificationTo get ahead in the graphic design industry, you need to stay informed on the best software tools available. Adobe Creative Suite programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign have become industry leaders because they provide user-friendly interfaces and comprehensive features for any design project.

The Advanced Graphic Design Certification from the Digital Workshop Center is designed for students serious about learning all of the skills necessary for image manipulation, vector image creation, and multiple-page document layout design.

How Long Does This Program Take to Complete?

Each certification program allows one year to be completed, but, depending on your pace of learning and skill level, you may move as fast or as slow as you like within that time frame.

Total Class Hours: 91

When Can I Start?

Students are able to start with any class within the program list as long as prerequisites are met. Classes in this certification program are offered approximately every 8 weeks. Select the class titles below for class schedules, individual class hours, and other details.

What are the prerequisites for this program?

Introduction to Computers or equivalent knowledge.

What Classes Are Included In This Certification?

Design Fundamentals →

This class is an orientation to digital design with emphasis on the history and the basic principles of digital design using key computer graphics tools. Having the vernacular, knowledge and skill to execute a creative vision is critical to a project’s success.

Adobe Photoshop 1-2 →

Photoshop ClassesAdobe Photoshop has become one of the industry leaders for image creation and manipulation. If you need to create a new image or fix up an old one to look better, Photoshop has all the powerful tools to help.

Adobe Illustrator 1-2 →

Adobe Illustrator classesAdobe Illustrator is a sophisticated graphics application that helps you to create complex and attractive designs with type effects. You can create logos, advertisements, and other illustrations with ease using this software. Creating complex designs can be overwhelming, however training in Adobe Illustrator and their features will help you get started quickly.

Adobe InDesign 1-2 →

Adobe InDesign classesInDesign is one of the leaders in print media software. The program provides digital layout tools that are unmatched in any other application. For any print media project, InDesign will help you be more productive and efficient.
Cost: $4553 (or $379.43/month for 12 months)

*Program costs may vary based on class location. For detailed pricing information, please contact our office for a cost estimate.

What Is Included In A Certification Program?

  • Professional Textbook(s) or Reference Packet(s)
  • Download materials with practice examples
  • Free access to CoWorking space on class days (FC Only)
  • One month of technical support
  • One year for a free re-take (for attended students of public classes only)
  • Certificate of Completion

Financial Aid

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Terms and Conditions

Please read our Terms and Conditions before you register.


Contact us the DWC office with any questions or concerns.

How Do I Get Started?

To get started and enroll in a Certification Program, please fill out the application form below or call our office at 970-980-8091.

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