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Web Design Classes Near Me

Web Design Classes Near Me Find the right web design classes in your local area As business owners and job seekers know, web development is an important skill in this internet-driven era. If you’re looking for a new career or want to take your business to the next level, understanding how to create and update websites, no matter what web development program they are built in, is a valuable skill. If you don’t have the skills to do so, investing in web development classes is a great way to learn the skills you need to...

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WordPress Classes Near Me

WordPress Classes Near Me Find your next WordPress Classes Near Me Did you know? One in five of all websites are built in the popular open-source website creation tool WordPress. This system powers websites of all sizes, from everyday bloggers to huge business sites. A working knowledge of how to create and maintain websites built in the WordPress system is a great differentiator for anyone looking to land a digital marketing career. It’s also a valuable skill for those who own a business and need to have a...

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Top 3 reasons Gravity Forms is one of the greatest WordPress plugins…ever

Top 3 reasons Gravity Forms is one of the greatest WordPress plugins…ever Gravity Forms has changed the way in which WordPress and web developers can create complex forms For many years in the early days of web development, one of the biggest challenges for a web developer was creating and using forms properly.  While the HTML and CSS were challenging in one capacity, the actual collection of data and ability to use effectively was another ballgame altogether. Fast forward to modern web development and WordPress (and other content management systems) has changed how...

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Training for a job at MadWire – Case Study

Training for a job at MadWire – Case Study What skills are key for preparing yourself for a job at a digital marketing firm like MadWire? MadWire is one of the fastest growing digital marketing companies in the United States and Northern Colorado, as ranked by Inc.  They have built a reputation for providing “world-class digital marketing software & highly skilled professional marketing services through a single, powerful platform.”  Having a company of this caliber and reputation in our own backyard is an amazing...

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5 Easy Steps to Get Started Blogging in WordPress

5 Easy Steps to Get Started Blogging in WordPress Even though the initial blogging fever of a decade ago has cooled off, it’s never out of style to create a blog of your very own. The great thing is: now it’s easier than ever to get set up and started writing, and there are a variety of platforms out there to launch your musings into the electronic world. Blogging in WordPress is a classic and established choice, having been around long enough to have fine-tuned the art of the blog, so naturally I wanted to highlight them here. There are only...

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WordPress for Everyone, Continued: Themes & Plugins

WordPress for Everyone, Continued: Themes & Plugins (Continued from WordPress for Everyone: What is It & How Do I Get Started?) Having Personality: Your Site Theme Every WordPress site must have a theme. After you select a theme, you are ready to write and publish your heart out. A theme is simply a downloaded file that contains a “look and feel” for your site. Themes are usually installed into WordPress itself by the site owner, within the Dashboard. The choice of theme is the primary way in which WordPress site owners change the...

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