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Digital Marketing Resume

Digital Marketing Resume Your Digital Marketing Resume Should Include these Five Essential Elements Congratulations! You’ve jumped through the hoops, gained crucial professional skills, and now you’re ready to land yourself a brand new career! Easy enough, right? Not exactly. It turns out that the job application process can be daunting and exhausting. However, if you follow these five tips to optimize your digital marketing resume, you’ll be one step ahead of many other applicants and on your way to shaking hands...

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Tips for Outdoor Photography

Tips for Outdoor Photography 6 Tips for Outdoor Photography As a hobbyist or aspiring professional photographer, one of the easiest places to begin to practice your craft is the beautiful outdoors – especially here in Northern Colorado. Not only can you find plenty of free and beautiful places to shoot, but you also don’t have to worry as much about things like studio setup and lighting when you shoot out of doors. If you’re ready to start doing more outdoor photography to capture your friends, family, and new clients –...

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What is Cloud Computing? Digital Workshop Center Answers Your Questions!

What is Cloud Computing? Digital Workshop Center Answers Your Questions! Learn about how Cloud Computing can help you and your business If you’ve been around a computer or smartphone in the last several years, chances are you’ve probably heard a thing or two about cloud computing. If not, you may find yourself asking, “What is cloud computing?” Never fear, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog from your local technology education center, complete with computer classes, the Digital Workshop Center is here to answer the question, “What is cloud computing?” to...

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Top Project Management Software Tools

Top Project Management Software Tools As your business grows and changes, it can be challenging to stay on top of all the tasks your teams need to accomplish in order to succeed. Furthermore, it can be hard to keep everyone in the loop and make sure everyone knows the status of each project. In order to fight this common problem many growing businesses face, some have turned to project management software tools to keep everyone on the same page and keep things moving.  According to Techopedia, project management software has been...

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Private Office For Rent

Private Office For Rent As we approach year 3 of coworking and community at Digital Workshop Center, we are shifting some of our space around and will now have a new private office for rent.  We are excited to tour the space and create a custom office configuration for your small business. In addition to a modern, quiet space to work, we also offer classroom and conference room facilities for your next meeting, event, or social activities.  All costs are included in one flat monthly fee, and we have on-site parking...

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Job Seekers: Utilize Your Local Workforce Center and the WIOA Program

Job Seekers: Utilize Your Local Workforce Center and the WIOA Program If you’ve recently found yourself unemployed or underemployed, there are many resources available to you to aid in getting the skills you need to rejoin the workplace and land a viable job. Your local Workforce Center has many programs and financial aid grants to help you through this difficult time; it’s just a matter of taking advantage of the resources available to you.   Workforce centers are designed to ensure businesses have access to a trained workforce and Americans have the skills...

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