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New Classes – Google Sheets, Google AdWords

As fall approaches, the new season of change always brings a fresh level of excitement to Digital Workshop Center.  And with that comes some new class ideas as well. At the beginning of this year, we have seen some amazing growth of our Adobe class programs.  DWC staff spent countless hours preparing a new format for Adobe training.  One that has already been received well by students and instructors alike. Going into fall, we are rolling out a couple new business training classes that have...

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Personalize your Personal Computing Experience Using Google Labs

If you ever feel like your computer isn’t working with you and your work flow, remember that PC stands for personal computer. The computer, be it Mac- or Windows-based, can be customized in countless ways to make sure it works for you — and not the other way around. The same can be said for almost every software program. Online services are no different. If you check the settings, options or preferences for any program, you will find a wealth of choices you may control. Google Apps is one of...

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Using Google Apps for Your Small Business

For many of us, the advent of the cloud has given us a convenient location to store files that we may need to access on the go. However, the cloud is much more than storing grocery lists and Christmas ideas on Dropbox and Evernote. The cloud has given businesses the means to access all of their data and workflow from anywhere, at anytime, from any Internet connection. While this may mean that you can never truly leave your work at work anymore, it has produced quantum leaps in employee...

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