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Resources & Blog: CoWorking

Community Spotlight – Actualize Marketing

Community Spotlight – Actualize Marketing How did Actualize Marketing begin? Actualize Marketing is a full-service ad agency that was started in August 2015. Our co-founders, Jessica and Greg, worked together for 10+ years at another agency and, after leaving our previous company independently to be solo artists, we decided it would be awesome to get the band back together. We hired Kate, Laura, and Kristen earlier this year, and now we’re really rockin.’ What makes your company unique? We’re big believers in doing more for fewer...

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7 Places to CoWork in Fort Collins

7 Places to CoWork in Fort Collins “It’s time to take a look at my failures and stop calling them successes. Now I can start working at something that can use me best.” ~Nina Simone 40% of the workforce will be freelancers, temps, independent contractors, and solopreneurs by 2020 (Source:OfficeVibe) Ready to CoWork in Fort Collins? With something for every type of worker, here are seven fantastic choices within the Choice City: 1)“Cotivation” and Community Cohere: Located near transit and Old Town Fort...

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Fort Collins: Small Town Feel, Big Town Innovation

Fort Collins: Small Town Feel, Big Town Innovation We can feel it. You can probably feel it too. The digital world of business is shifting and growing at an intense pace, urging changes in the online tech and design marketplace faster than we’d ever imagined. And when you think of hot spots for ingenuity and entrepreneurship, what cities come to mind? Maybe Silicon Valley? New York City? What if we told you that Fort Collins deserves a place on that list? The curators at the Smithsonian Institute recently named our fast-growing town one of the...

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Coworking changes the way business happens in Fort Collins

Coworking changes the way business happens in Fort Collins When I started the Digital Workshop Center in 2006, I always knew small changes in the way we teach could have a big impact in the classroom.  I had been teaching larger classes at professional development centers and community colleges; some live and some online.  I always felt that the best way to teach anyone was in small class sizes, so you can show someone hands-on the “right” ways to use these amazing software tools.  Small instructor-to-student ratio and great instructors...

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5 Benefits Of Shared Community Office Space

5 Benefits Of Shared Community Office Space One of the up and coming trends in the creative business world is the concept of shared work environments, and utilizing a wonderful community office space is changing the way we view and do our work. For a small monthly membership fee, you can have access to a professional office, take part in social and networking events, and even get deep discounts on classes and other programs to enhance your knowledge and further your career. And the best part of investing in a local co-working group is...

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