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Got A New iPad For Christmas? Here’s How To Get Started

Electronics are a popular gift choice for many people around the holidays. After all, they are both sleek and attractive, and they keep us connected in our fast-paced society. One of the fastest growing electronics markets over the past couple of years is tablets, with the Apple iPad leading the pack by a wide margin. These thin, fast, and capable gadgets are the perfect go-between for smartphones and full-on computers, and are the perfect accessory for anyone who likes to stay connected on the go.

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Get Your Head Into the Cloud

There’s no turning back. Cloud computing is the next phase of the Internet’s evolution. This new era is shuffling bulky desktop PC’s out the door and access to unlimited amounts of data storage and software packages into your pocket…well, if that’s where you keep your phone.

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Cloud Storage: Dropbox vs. Google Drive

The cloud. Five years ago, the concept seemed far-fetched and insignificant. Who would want or need Internet data storage when we already had our nifty USB sticks? They held gigabytes of data while also providing a unique opportunity to accessorize.

With the innovation of smartphones and tablets, the need for USB memory solutions began to decline, and the cloud had its opening.

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