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A trained workforce is a happy workforce – Realizing the value of professional development for your employees

First, training keeps your employees happy. And happy employees are more likely to stay with your company, bring less internal conflicts to your office, and create a successful culture to your workforce.

Happy employees are high performers and high performers spend more time doing the tasks you need them to do to drive more business.

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Latest trends of eLearning with the Adobe Creative Cloud

As an Adobe Authorized Training Center, it is vital that we utilize as many eLearning tools in the classroom as possible. With classes now held in 3 locations (streaming online, Fort Collins, and Denver), we rely on eLearning tools more than ever. Let’s first examine the trends of eLearning with Adobe Creative Cloud and understand how Digital Workshop Center fits into that puzzle.v

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Digital Learning and Our Changing Workforce

The landscape of the workforce in Northern Colorado is changing at a rapid pace. There has been enormous population and job growth in the region. However, these two factors are moving at different speeds, which will eventually cause a job crisis.

As of April 2017, Northern Colorado has low unemployment at 2.8%. The local workforce that is currently seeking a job is finding that their skills are out of date and, therefore, they are not qualified for the many open positions that continue to appear.

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Connecting with alumni on LinkedIn

At Digital Workshop Center, we have been working closely with LinkedIn to build out our official school page. The goal is to create a central place for DWC alumni to connect and network, as well as employers to filter our alumni by the candidates specific skills.

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Self-Paced or Live Classes – Online Training Debate

For many years, self-paced, online classes have grown in popularity. It’s a trend that makes sense for many. The convenience and ability to start and stop your training adds new value to fit these online classes into a busy life.

However, there is strong data to show that most online, self-paced classes don’t end in success.

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Human touch a must for training

At the Digital Workshop, we began offering online training a few years ago in response to customers’ demands. After years of resistance, I finally caved and felt that offering this service was complementary to what we already did and would be beneficial for those who didn’t have time to attend class in person.
One of our major goals was to make sure that we kept the human element of the classroom alive in the online setting. For this reason, we presented our online classes in more of a webinar format, where students can ask questions from a live instructor, receive a physical textbook, and have some lab time with the instructor at the end of the class.

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