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How Earning a Project Management Certificate Gives You a Competitive Edge

How Earning a Project Management Certificate Gives You a Competitive Edge Earning a project management certificate can give you a competitive edge in the job market across many different industries. There’s never been a better time to become a project management professional (PMP). Project management in the 21st century is quite different than it was in the last 50 years. Aaron J.Shenhar, writing for, states that “in the traditional project management world, project managers and teams were typically focused on efficiency, operational performance, and meeting...

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Tips to Improve Your Online Job Search

Tips to Improve Your Online Job Search Today, almost all job postings are offered online. Job sites like Indeed or Monster are well organized for both you and the hiring managers to be able to efficiently communicate, schedule interviews, and more. However, the ease of finding jobs today can make finding the right jobs overwhelming. It can also mean competing with hundreds of other candidates who can apply at the click of a button. Here’s how to strategize your online job search to find jobs that are right for you, avoid stress,...

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What’s Better, Office 365 or G Suite?

What’s Better, Office 365 or G Suite? Once upon a time, it was a no-brainer when it came to which office suite to use for your small business. Microsoft ruled the industry throughout the ’90s and into the 2000s. Then Google introduced Google Docs and Sheets in 2006. Google’s business suite didn’t become popular overnight, but in time it gained new features and ultimately new users. Nowadays, deciding which office suite to use for your business isn’t simple. If you’re trying to decide between Office 365 and G Suite (formerly...

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Project Management Careers

Project Management Careers Project Management Careers & Outcomes Project management careers are trending to become one of the most sought-after types of careers in the world.  According to the Project Management Institute, more than 1.5 million project management careers are created each year. In Colorado alone, there are currently 1400+ available jobs on looking for project management skills. Project Management Careers | Stats According to LMI Gateway, it is projected that 13,106 project managers will...

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Advanced Excel Pivot Tables

Advanced Excel Pivot Tables How to Create a Custom Group in Pivot Tables If you’re searching for tips and tricks about advanced Excel pivot tables, you’ve come to the right place. An advanced Excel pivot table is a tool that allows you to summarize and explore data interactively. Building a pivot table is a process of answering questions you have about the data, and it’s much easier and faster than you might think. For example, you may have a worksheet that contains a large set of sales data for your business, and in its...

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Summer Side-hustles

Summer Side-hustles Top Five Side-hustles to Start Making You Money this Summer Sunny skies, afternoon rain showers, long hikes through the mountains, and late night campfires with friends…summer is upon us, and boy are we excited! With the days growing longer, summertime offers the perfect opportunity to dive into your summer side-hustling potential. Take the time to earn the cash you need to take your dream vacation or spend it all in one place, we don’t judge. Summer side-hustles are a thing, and we...

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