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Resources & Blog: Adobe After Effects

Adobe Authorized Training Center

Adobe Authorized Training Center Digital Workshop Center (DWC), headquartered in Fort Collins, has been offering graphic design, web design, video editing, and digital marketing classes for students of all skill levels for the past ten years.  Today, DWC has been certified as the first Adobe Authorized Training Center in Northern Colorado and only the second in the state. In addition, certification by Adobe requires that all Adobe instructors at DWC are now Adobe Certified Experts.  DWC and their staff has been working...

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After Effects Can Help Build Better Business Graphics

After Effects Can Help Build Better Business Graphics As our visual culture continues to grow and video content becomes more important to your business’ sales and marketing efforts, you should become familiar with software tools to help your business grow. Adobe Creative Suite has become well known for its photo editing and vector graphic applications over the past decade or so, including Photoshop and Illustrator. Today, Adobe After Effects has emerged as an industry leader for creating motion graphics. And for good reason. According to...

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Adobe Creative Suite: Introduction to Using Layers

Adobe Creative Suite: Introduction to Using Layers Creating designs in Adobe CS programs is a little like making a collage–various materials are put together to make one composition. The key difference, however, is that a composition in Photoshop has to be treated as if it were in 3D. As in, you don’t slap materials next to each other. Rather, materials are stacked on top of each other. Be it text, photos, or an original design, if there is more than one source material for your project, you need to know how to manage layers in Adobe...

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