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Resources & Blog: Adobe Creative Cloud

Photography Basics for Better Photos

Photography Basics for Better Photos You know that picture that every time you look at it, it takes you right back to that moment. You can smell the fresh mountain air, hear the music playing on the dance floor, and feel how soft your first puppy was. This is what photography is all about, capturing the moments you wish could last a lifetime. But if you’ve ever tried to snap that moment, you may know it’s not always that easy. Photography is an art and skill that takes time to develop. Many of us turn to our cameras with doubt at...

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The Importance of Video Design in Marketing in 2020

The Importance of Video Design in Marketing in 2020 Design thinking is a skill that requires dedication and creativity to master. In marketing, creating effective designs is a make or break way to connect with your audience and communicate your message.  In our video-centric world that we live in, the need for video design in marketing is more important than ever before.  Video is easy for your users to digest and be able to understand your marketing messages more clearly.  It is easy to see why people gravitate to this medium and why there are...

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A Career in Graphic Design – What’s it all about?

A Career in Graphic Design – What’s it all about? A career in graphic design may be one of the coolest professions around. You’ll wake up every morning knowing you get to spend the day doing something you love, share your passion with others and be inspired by the world around you. With graphic design, you’ll have a myriad of jobs and opportunities open to you.  Graphic design is useful in almost every industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a slower job growth for graphic design than the average for all occupations. However the...

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Stack Up New Tech Skills This Summer

Stack Up New Tech Skills This Summer Today, the tech skills you need to stay relevant in the workplace are constantly changing. Whether you’ve been in the same industry for years or you’re wanting to change careers, professional development opportunities increase industry knowledge, keep you relevant, and will help you stand out among the crowd.  More than 40 million Americans have applied for unemployment during the pandemic. Developing new tech skills is going to be an essential for people to get back to work. So take advantage...

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Computer System Requirements

Computer System Requirements DWC recommends a new or certified refurbished computer that from a reputable, 3rd party seller.   Recommended sellers include: DWC also recommends the following as general minimum guidelines for your student computer 16 GB RAM 500 GB HDD i5 processor or higher Dual monitors with HDMI Mic and Speakers High-speed, cable internet connection Hardware Recommendations from Microsoft & Adobe Minimum System Requirements for MS Office...

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Five Best Practices for Developing eLearning Courses

Five Best Practices for Developing eLearning Courses Online training and eLearning can deliver new information to your students or employees in a way that is interactive, convenient, and impactful. A well-designed course will ensure participants master new skills and understand how to apply new knowledge to their daily roles and environments. Whether you are using Adobe Captivate or Storyline 360, following best practices of eLearning development is central for effective and meaningful instruction. Follow these 5 best practices of eLearning to...

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