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Upskill to Land One of the Top Jobs in Northern Colorado

The job market in Colorado has been incredibly strong in recent years, with very low unemployment rates compared to the national average. In fact, recently said Denver, Colorado, is a “millennial hiring paradise.” And it’s true, Colorado has thousands of open jobs in a huge variety of industries.

If you’re considering relocating to this beautiful state or are ready to switch careers, it might be time to look at the top jobs in Colorado and see if something catches your eye and fits your career goals.

Many of the top jobs in Colorado include positions that require marketing, technical, and computer-based skills. Some of the highest paid jobs in Colorado include:

  • Marketing Managers: Coming in at number 12 in the list, with an average salary of over $150,000, marketing managers are in high demand in Colorado with many startups and tech companies needing marketers to help sell their products.
  • Software Developers: Software developers are among the highest paid non-medical positions in Colorado. In fact, developers can expect to make an average salary of over $115,000.
  • Web Developers: Web developers are also among the best paid positions in Colorado, with an average salary of over $66,000. People with web development skills are in high demand in Colorado and around the country.
  • Art Directors: Art directors help direct the brand of the company through managing graphics, art, and imagery. Employees who hold this job title average a salary of over $80,000.

More importantly, in studying the trends of employment in Colorado, we’ve taken a look at the top jobs with the most open positions. While this data changes constantly, in general the State of Colorado has many open positions in the following fields:

  • Tech workers
  • Office and administrative support employees
  • Customer service representatives
  • Software and application developers
  • Network and computer systems administrators

As Colorado’s job market grows and matures, there are huge opportunities for employees with a wide variety of skills, but especially in the tech sector. According to Forbes magazine, Denver is #10 in the country for the most tech workers and is quickly growing. From 2006 to 2016, Denver added an incredible 40.3% more tech jobs, for a total of more than 79,000 jobs in 2016. Colorado works hard to bring more tech-related jobs to the state and recently succeeded in attracting the tech giant Slack to move to Denver.

If you’re ready to invest in your career development and upskill your resume, look to the classes and certificate programs at the Digital Workshop Center. We’ll teach you the skills you need through hands-on training to land and succeed a career in a high-demand, high-growth area like web design, graphic design, digital marketing, business administration, and digital photography. We provide classes in person in both Denver and Fort Collins, Colorado, and online to fit your schedule and education needs. Contact us to learn more about getting the skills you need to land one of the top jobs in Colorado.

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